Biographical Information Theresa Johnson

Theresa Johnson, native of Columbus, Ohio and Tear Bear, Inc.’s Founder & CEO and child abuse survivor has dedicated over 20 years helping increase the awareness of all abuse by disarming the abuser's weapon of secrecy stating, "It's OK 2 Tell.

Starting from a small child of 5 years old, her stepfather abused her with many different forms of abuse including sexual. The very first time, she did tell her mother but at the time she refused to believe or protect her. Her abuser had told her no one would believe her and he was right. So, she became an unhappy child that only spoke when spoken to. In school bullying was a big part of her life as well. So she no longer enjoyed childhood or trusted any adult. She had to keep their dirty little secret between him and herself. His abuse ended with her at the age of 13 but the effects seem to have been everlasting. In fact, she felt she went from child abuse to life abuse.

Therefore, For the past eight years, Tear Bear, Inc. has been dedicated to breaking the code of secrecy relating to all abuse through a wide range of support methods and Tear Bear products labeled with the message “It’s OK to Tell”.

Tear Bear, Inc. organization “It’s OK to Tell” is the important and essential message for all areas of abuse. However, one of the current and selective focuses is on youth and helping to stop school bullying.

Current plans are to initiate anti-bullying program with materials and products that will have a positive impact on the students.

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