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Tear Bear Inc. understands that there are many Abuse Awareness Organizations and counseling centers around the  nation. Our main goal is to to make all of them known to the abused as well as the abuser. By coming together for one big cause to stop secrecy, we as one nation can help put an end to the abuse. The "It's Ok To Tell" will help to empower n free the abused victim and allow them to seek counseling in the proper organizations. It will also able the abuser to seek counseling at a nearby center. Tear  Bear Inc. may not be able to stop all abuse but with your help we can make it harder for the abuser to continue to abuse.

Tear Bear, Inc. is a non-profit 501c3 organization founded to provide awareness for abused individuals; implement youth programs, encourage people in various communities to become more pro-active and unafraid to alert authorities even if there is a suspicion of abuse.

The intent is to give support and help individuals of all ages and be an advocate on community projects dealing with abuse. The vision is to also strive to put forward and develop programs that are customized to bringing more awareness to abuse and prevention.

Tear Bear Inc. will provide Tear Bears to be used as a mascot and educational tool against bulling, stranger danger, peer pressure, date rape, and even college illegal hazing that often lead to harm.

Our motto:
Tear Bear Says “It’s Ok To Tell” Let’s Stop All Abuse and connecting individuals with the national hotline numbers for every form of abuse.
I want you to know something that may give you a little insight about me and lot of others like me. The abuse that happened to me is happening everyday to...


Top stories about abuse, people helping people and much more.

All threats on your life should be taken serious...

It is said, "It takes a village to raise a child"

It's going to take the Nation to protect them all!


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