Release Yourself

Release Yourself allows you to release your inner most feelings related to abuse. You may submit poems, pictures, drawings or tell your story. This can become a very therapeutic way of not only healing yourself, and many others around the world. By following the rules and guidelines listed below your submissions will be posted on the website.


pNearly 2/3’s of the people in treatment for drug abuse reported being abused as children



It wasn’t because of the cute way she walked

It wasn’t because the sweet way she talked

It wasn’t because of her big beautiful eyes

It wasn’t because I gave her candy and told her lies

It wasn’t because I didn’t feel love at all

It wasn’t because of my problems or my back was against the wall

It wasn’t because I could sneak in her room at night

It wasn’t because I did things to her that wasn’t right

It wasn’t because her mother couldn’t hear her cries as she slept

It wasn’t because I threaten her, if our secret she had not kept

It may because that when I was small, it’s the same things my parent would do

But in today’s world people would say a mother wouldn’t do that to you

It may because many nights she came in my room and wouldn’t let me be

But I want you to know that it can happen to you just like it happen to me

It may because I’m telling you to check on your kids at night

You may save them from having this demon I have to fight

Now they say its okay for me to tell

But, this is the only way I can without going to jail

- Written By: TJ-OHIO



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