Joseph Gray, 27, of Detroit was arraigned Sunday on child abuse charges in the beating of his girlfriend's 2-year-old son that was captured on a convenience store surveillance tape.




Have you heard the news, read the newspaper or talked with friends/family? Everyday there is a child that is hurt or died at the hand of an abuser. Headlines read...

Mother Is Charged in Death of Son 10 (Staten Island)

Stepfather is Convicted in Beating Stepdaughter Leading to Brain Injury (Boston)

11-Year Old Brooklyn Girl, Beaten to Death by Her Mother

Baby Reported Missing Is Found Dead at its Mother Home (Brooklyn)

South Florida gym coach accused of molestation pleaded guilty in similar case in 1990s

With reported headlines that are listed above, shows the need for action and Tear Bear believes concerned citizens will pull together for one big cause to help stop child abuse. Please volunteer, donate, spread the word, and most of all "it's ok to tell" about known abuse.

It is said, "It takes a village to raise a child." It's going to take the National to protect them all!


She Was Only 3 Years Old, Raped and Sexually Assaulted

Many of you may have heard about the taping of a 3 year old girl being sexually assaulted and raped by a grown man. Not only is he sick but he gets pleasure out of taping his sickness. This is a man that needs to be found and brought to justice to the fullest extent of the law, alone with counseling for the rest of his life. He needs help and punishment, we must not let him get away with this awful crime of abuse. “It's ok to tell” who and where he is. The little girl, now age 7 may look happy on the outside as been reported, but imagine the pain on the inside of her mind and heart. This abuse by all means has affected the rest of her life and well being. Tear Bear, hopes and prays her parents seek the counseling and further prevention of abuse. She must know it was not her fault and she will not be a continued victim of abuse. She must to able to release the pain that took her innocence at such a young age. 

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